Mar 1, 2013

Podcast 018 1/2

Ammunition Recordings Podcast 018

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Dear fAmmo,

My apologies for the lack of Podcast installments from Ammunition Recordings.  I miss doing them!

Unfortunately, but fortunately, I'm extremely busy this semester with college / uni and my coursework.  I'm very close to earning my degree in Graphic Design Technology, so the work load is becoming very demanding.

It's definitely taken a toll on the label, and for that, I apologize.  So I hope you guys can find it in your big-neuro-hearts to forgive me, and know that I'll be back at it when I'm able to find some free time, and knock out some quality neuro.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and hope you enjoy!



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Release/catalogue number: Ammo Podcast 018.5



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